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Introducing of FrontAccounting

Introducing of FrontAccounting

FrontAccounting is a free opensource accounting system for small companies, it's simple, but powerful and comes with most of the business modules such as sales, purchases, inventory, manufacturing and general ledger.

All modules are integrated, this provides a more accurate financial data, minimize labor costs and errors associated with manual reconciliation.

Transactions are automatically posting to GL, screenshot below shows general ledger inquiry window, clicked on sale delivery note and displayed the transaction details. 

FrontAccounting support multi platform, multi languages, multi currencies and multi users, it's a web-based application, means it runs on a web server and accessed by the user through a web browser. You can install FrontAccounting with Xampp on local Windows, Mac or Linux PC, Xampp is one of the web server package allows you to easily install them within  minutes.

Other Features:

Flexible Tax configuration - this is another great feature of frontAccounting, it's flexible enough to accommodate most of the tax rules.

E.g. How to setup Singapore GST tax in FrontAccounting

Dimensions Modules - dimensions are used to track departments, cost centers, profit centers or projects within a company, for example, a shop with different departments can be divided into profit centers for analysis.

Auto Update Currency Rates - The exchange rate can be set to automatic update using provider from ECB, Yahoo finance, Google finance or Bloomberg.

Creating Extensions -  FrontAccounting is a free opensource software, and using easiest scripting language PHP, these make customization more easier and faster. The customization can be done via creating extensions.

For more information about FrontAccounting system, please watch my YouTube videos.

How to install FrontAccounting and XAMPP on Ubuntu PC.

How to install FrontAccounting and XAMPP on Windows PC.

How to set up a Chart of Accounts in FrontAccounting.

FrontAccounting website


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